Virus protection helps – but you need more

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

That’s especially true when it comes to protecting your computer. We know that software alone can’t do the job; and it’s easier to prevent than repair. But prevention requires awareness – hackers are always looking for new and creative ways to get you click or download their payloads.

In this section, I’ll show you how to use preventative measures to avoid viruses. Some of these measures are software, most are common sense put into practice.

So why and how do hackers continue being successful? The computer virus protection industry is huge and yet they persist. Because…

Good hackers make LOTS of money!

Internet criminals (hackers) are using computers to rob banks – literally. Here’s a Google Map published in April 2010 showing the reported electronic bank robberies. Since then there have been three reported robberies. The banks and insurance companies don’t want the public to know about this. Those that have settled with the bank’s insurance have had to sign gag orders.

These internet criminals have learned that our financial system is riddled with technical loopholes created by our rush to use the internet for financial tasks.

Everything they need to get money can be had without ever showing their face. Anonymity is the internet’s insidious flaw. It has created a class of criminal that our global legal system cannot stop.

Virus protection software is designed to catch something as it happens and then stop it. But it has to know what to look for – a file, a process or thread misbehaving, a hidden registry key, etc., before it can stop it.

Our computer security protection simply needs to be fortified in the areas that software cannot address – the user.

Social Engineering is the simply art of trickery. Exploiting your beliefs, assumptions and paradigms. Very effective and near impossible to stop. Every user demographic will have ‘hooks’ that can be exploited.

Best Internet Browser will examine the different browsers and what preventative features can be used to enhance security.

Best Internet Security is about third-party software applications and add-ons that provide additional protection.

Virus Protection Software – consists of a ‘suite’ of applications and practices working together to increase security; not just and anti virus program.

Internet Fraud is not the exclusive domain of hackers and criminals – ‘snake oil’ has come to the internet. Learn how online businesses take advantage of you.

It’s important to remember that hackers are continually modifying their methodology to stay ahead of your defenses. New technologies present incredible opportunities for hackers. Malware for Android smartphones has exploded in the past six months.